MAC III Profile Firmware v1.2.0

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: MAC III Profile Firmware v1.8.0. ×

Last Updated: May 19, 2018

Note: The first time this firmware is uploaded, the fixture will report that pan and tilt have not been adjusted (PANA and TINA warnings).
To remove these warnings, enter "SERVICE"-> "ADJUST"-> "PAN/TILT MODULE", enter both PAN and TILT submenus,
and in each do an "ADJ RESET" followed by an "ADJUST" and leave the value at 0.0% (click on jog wheel to enter values).


Note: A new feature called MOVE ON RESET has now been added to the PERSONALITY menu. This is set to ON by default.
As such the fixture will move after a reset and/or upload of new firmware. Please make sure your fixture will not crash into any other objects before uploading this version.

New features:

  • Auto Lamp On functionality added
  • Beamshaper and animation wheel speed selection in constant rotation mode are now square law curve, giving higher resolution at slow speeds, and lower resolution at high speeds
  • Reset modules now slowly dim down/up
  • Added error handling of the use of USB memory stick that is not correctly DOS-formatted. A textbox saying "USB stick not compatible" is shown in the fixture's display
  • Added support for Normal/Fast/Slow modes for Pan/Tilt and effects
  • Battery mode now disables some menu items
  • Fan modes added: Always on/Follow lamp off
  • Fan speeds, temperatures and power unit info added to fixture information menu
  • Move On Reset functionality added
  • Pan/tilt adjust added
  • Mains Low warning and error implemented
  • Level-limited file search implemented to prevent the file system from crashing when using large memory devices
  • Pop-up window added, indicates that a USB stick has been connected and the file system is being updated

Improvements / Bug fixes:

  • Menu layout updated
  • Pan/Tilt calibration was reset when factory default was loaded
  • Gobo wheel jumps approx. every 5 revolutions at max speed constant rotation
  • Error codes and texts changed for consistency
  • Changed Error texts on FAN error so they match internal labels on FAN connectors
  • Menu now available in Error Failsafe mode
  • Dimmer curve menu item now selects the right curves
  • PROTOCOL SET Factory Default value changed from 16 Bit to 16 Bit Ext.
  • Gobo wheel 1 or 2 errors will now force lamp off to protect bearings
  • Iris pulse functions now always move to/from 100% open
  • Load/store factory default calibration now loads the stored factory settings for all calibration channels
  • DMX Lamp off default setting changed to DMX lamp off active

DMX Protocol changes:

- No changes to the DMX protocol in this version of the firmware

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