MAC III Profile Firmware v1.7.0

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: MAC III Profile Firmware v1.8.0. ×

Last Updated: May 19, 2018

Important notes:
First time this software is uploaded, the fixture will update the User Interface firmware. This can take up to a couple of minutes, and the display will be black during this update.
Fixture must have MACIII Profile - Firmware ver. 1.5.0 or later to accept this software

New features: 

  • Performance module support
  • Red dot added to user interface, while flashing data is being saved into the modules. If the fixture is turned off while the dot is flashing, data may be lost
  • Shutter blackout option added
  • Gobo X-fade menu added

Improvements / Bug fixes:

  • Improved USB mass storage support
  • Improved DMX upload stability
  • Reduced lamp cooling after lamp on
  • New UI firmware that will prevent display failure (display going black). Note: It may be able to revive a black display, depending on the severity of the damage
  • All calibration values are now saved in the modules
  • Error codes are now flashed 3 times, before the next error is shown
  • Various RDM improvements
  • If non-essential modules are missing, an error is shown, but the fixture will continue to run
  • Support for nand flash boot added
  • Performance basic shapes changed to match manual

DMX Protocol changes:

- No changes to the DMX protocol in this version of the firmware

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