MAC Quantum Wash Firmware v2.0.0

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: MAC Quantum Wash Firmware v2.2.0. ×

Last Updated: Oct 03, 2017

Released February 20. 2015

New features
• FX added to Extended Mode
• RGB control in Basic Mode now 16-bit. Three DMX channels added - new DMX layout is included in User Guide Rev. B

Changed features
• Pan/Tilt precision increased
• DMX signal input more robust
• Tilt range extended by 2° in total
• Virtual color wheel speed increased

• RDM temperature messages now given as decimal numbers
• Smarter deletion from memory of outdated error messages

• It is not possible to roll back from v.2.0.0 to previous software versions.
• The DMX layout in Basic Mode has been changed - the new DMX layout is included in the User Guide Rev. B.
• Pan/Tilt must be adjusted after uploading v.2.0.0. Adjustment is a two-step procedure that takes approx. two minutes to complete.
An error will be shown until both adjustment steps are completed successfully - the procedure for Pan/Tilt adjustment is described in the User Guide Rev. B.
Implemented from S/N: 1055018395

Pan tilt adjustment is also shown in this video MAC Quantum Series Pan and Tilt Adjustment

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