MAC Viper Wash and MAC Viper Wash DX Firmware v2.0.0 11-06-2014

Last Updated: Oct 02, 2017

- IMPORTANT: once version 2.0.0 is installed, the fixture will no longer accept upload of earlier firmware versions

- Extended RDM enabled. 
- Fixed data buffer overflow that could cause fixture to freeze. 
- Color wheel speeds and acceleration aligned with other MAC Vipers. 
- Dimmer linearization aligned with MAC Viper Profile, for nicer look. 
- Dimmer position set correct, which was not always the case after power-up. 
- Pan/Tilt reset made more robust. 
- Improved movement during fast pan/tilt snaps. 
- Random Strobe startup randomized across fixtures. 
- Auto blackout deployment synchronized across fixtures. 
- More robust DMX hot-plugging. 
- Iris reset improved. 
- Control of fans improved resulting in lower noise. 
- Temperature warning and cutoff levels adjusted. 
- Eliminated possible control panel disabling when showing error/warning messages. 
- Shortcut menu Lamp On command now activated by first button push.

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