MiniMAC Maestro Main CPU v3.7

Last Updated: May 19, 2018

Changes since version 3.6

Note: The reset procedure has been changed, and this will make gobo's move a little when updating the software. A calibration value of -65 on gobo and 0 on gobo rotation should be very close to the reset position of the previous software, however this will cause the gobo to be slightly out of allignment, and you may experience shadows around the edges of gobo's.

  • New eeprom function that dosn't stall the system, should prevent step-loss.
  • Pan/Tilt reset made safer, noise filtering on sensors.
  • Eeprom test improved: additional retrys on reaching the eeprom, before decission is taken to restore factory default.
  • Limit added to gobo- and gobo rotation-calibration values read from eeprom.
  • Gobo and gobo rotation reset procedure improved.
  • Calibration menu added.
  • Duplex Eeprom get/set commands added.
  • If eeprom check fails, serial number is no longer zero'ed.
  • Bug fix: In DMX slave mode the received scene number messes up. Fault introduced in 3.6.0.


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