P3 Personality and Firmware Update Package 5.2.0 v2021-12-20

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: P3 Personality and Firmware Update Package 5.2.0 v2023-01-19. ×

Last Updated: Dec 20, 2021

P3 System Controller software 5.2.0 includes all fixture personality files and fixture firmware files available at the date of release.

Fixture personality files that were created afterwards (newly released fixtures), personality files that were updated afterwards (new features added) and fixture firmware files that were created afterwards (new firmware) can be found in attached package.

The attached package hence updates the entire P3 System Controller Fixture & Firmware Library to the latest status.

(The attached package is NOT relevant for P3 System Controllers running software 5.3.0 or newer, as those already have these files included.)

- Unpack the attached ZIP file and place all files on a USB stick
- Insert the USB stick in the P3 System Controller
- On the P3 System Controller, navigate to Settings -> Fixture & Firmware Library (top-right corner)
- Navigate to the "User Library" tab
- Locate the files in the File Browser on the left (on the USB stick)
- Drag all files to the Library on the right
- Navigate to the "Current Fixture Firmware" tab
- Set the Current Firmware Version for each fixture type to the latest (highest) version
- Create a new showfile on the P3 System Controller
- All fixtures will now be available from the Fixture Library on the left
- Upon connecting fixtures running an older firmware, the P3 System Controller will suggest to update their firmware

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