Below procedure  only applies to firmware before version 1.3.0

Before uploading software (firmware) to a Tripix fixture you must set its DMX address to 1, or the software upload will be unsuccessful. Besides the Windows PC, Martin Uploader application and interface box (such as the Martin USB Duo™ DMX Interface) that are required for software uploads, the PC will also need the Martin MUM™ application.

New software must be uploaded to one fixture at a time using the Martin Uploader application, but in an installation with multiple fixtures with different DMX addresses, you can save a little time by first connecting the PC to the entire installation, starting MUM and using the Reset DMX address to 1 (all Tripix) button in MUM's Fixture settings window (see below).

After you have uploaded software to a fixture and while you still have a PC connected to it, start MUM and check that the correct Main CPUsoftware version appears in the Fixture info window. You can then set that fixture back to its original DMX address and check that it is set its original DMX mode and pixel mode (this gives greatest flexibility in setting up fixtures), or you can wait until you have finished uploading software , connect the PC to the entire installation and use the options in the Fixture settings window to set up the fixtures in the installation.