Martin Professional Light Up the Superdome and New Orleans Skyline

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Officials at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome 'flipped the switch' to illuminate the Louisiana landmark with a state-of-the art Martin Professional lighting show designed by Solomon Group, a multimedia production firm based out of New Orleans. The design required the installation of 288 Martin Professional Exterior 410™ lighting fixtures that are capable of reproducing every color of the rainbow on all 96 concave aluminum panels that ring the building's exterior. The project is the largest installation of an Exterior 400 Range™ fixture in the world. The Exterior 410 is a bright yet compact luminaire that uses pre-mixed LEDs and RGBW color mixing, part of an award-winning Exterior 400 Range of outdoor LED wash lights that includes color calibration for more uniform color projection. The four quadrants of the Superdome's exterior also feature Martin Professional Exterior 1200 Image Projectors™, powerful 1200 watt luminaires designed to project animated images and effects. The entire lighting system is controlled by a Martin Professional MaxModule Cerebrum™, a powerful touch-screen control unit, working through four Martin Ether2DMX8™ routers, one located in each quadrant of the dome. The lighting control system can also be operated remotely so that the color scheme can be managed and manipulated off site. The lighting was programmed on a Martin M1™ lighting console.

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