The Barndoor shutter blades must be adjusted as follows after installing a software update.

  1. With the Barndoors installed, apply power to the MAC 2000 Wash and allow the fixture to reset. If the blades jam, you can help close them by hand.
  2. When the reset is finished, go to UTIL > AdJ > HEAd in the control menu.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Select a blade (bd 1 = top, bd 2 = bottom, bd 3 = 3 o´clock, bd 4 = 9 o´clock) with the arrow keys.
  5. Press Enter. "CLOS" is displayed in the menu and the selected blade closes. Side blades 3 and 4 also close when blades 1 or 2 are selected.  
  6. Press Down. "AdJ" is displayed. Press the blade down lightly to make sure that it is fully closed.
  7. Press Enter to save the closed position setting for this blade.
  8. With the same blade selected, press Enter. 
  9. Press Down twice to display "127". The blade opens.
  10. Using the Up and Down keys, move the blade in or out, respectively, to align the blade perpendicular to the lens. Tip: Get an approximately 16 x 16 cm square piece of cardboard and cut a notch out of one corner. Place the cardboard square on the lens with the notch over the rim and hold an edge up to the selected blade to measure perpendicular.

  11. Press Enter to store the adjustment setting for this blade.
  12. Repeat steps 4 - 9 for the other blades.
  13. If the back cover of the Barndoors is removed, you can verify that all adjustment settings have been saved by checking the red LED on the Barndoors PCB. When blinking, the blades need to be adjusted; when off, the adjustment settings have been saved.