Do not expose the front of a fixture to sunlight or any other strong light source! 

Certain lens options can collect the rays from the sun or other strong light sources (such as other fixtures) and act as a powerful magnifying glass, causing damage inside the fixture. In some cases , typically with plano-convex lenses or lens arrays, light striking the front glass at an angle can cause damage  around the edge of the front glass outside the fixture.  The illustration below shows some situations where damage can occur. If the conditions are unfavorable, damage can be caused within seconds! To avoid problems:

  • When a fixture is located outside during daylight, even for a few seconds, either shield the front glass from the sun or point the front glass completely away from the sun.
  • Never shine a strong light source towards the front glass of a fixture for a long period of time.

Damage can be caused regardless of whether a fixture is powered on or off, so follow these guidelines at all times.

If available, a snoot or other form of shield can provide some protection (and reduce unwanted glare at the same time), but do not modify the front of a Martin™ fixture with a setup that has not been tested and approved by Martin™.