In the latest software version for the MAC 2000 Series, we have optimized the current control in the pan and tilt motors. Long term, this will give longer service life on the 3-phase motors and reduce the possibility of failures on the main PCB. In normal use, where fast position changes are not required, you will not see any performance change. During fast position changes, there is a slight reduction in pan/tilt speed that is so small it is almost unnoticeable. If maximum speed during position changes is essential, you can return to the previous current control by opening the PTSP -> CURR menu and selecting HIGH instead of NORM. NORM is the new default setting to optimize pan and tilt motor lifetime. HIGH is the previous current control setting. The pan/tilt speed settings (PTSP -> NORM / SLOW / FAST) are now all relative to the NORM / HIGH current control setting.

The new current control has been implemented from the following software versions:

  • MAC 2000 Profile II version 1.4 
  • MAC 2000 Performance version 2.2
  • MAC 2000 Wash version 1.8