A wide angle diffusion "lens" kit for the MAC 300 is now available from Martin. The diffuser gives the MAC 300 a 59° beam angle with 14,250 candela in the center and 5400 lumens total output. If the frost filter is fully applied, the beam angle is 67° with 5400 candela in the center and 3250 lumens total output. 

The kit may be ordered by P/N 91610016, "Wide angle diffuser lens kit for MAC 300." To change lenses:

  1. Remove the top head cover.
  2. From the outside of the bottom head cover, remove the screw that holds the lens in place. Remove the lens.
  3. Install the new lens in the same position as the old lens, in the inside lens slot.
  4. Replace the screw to secure the new lens. Replace the top head cover.