A new SMPTE/MIDI interface is being implemented in the Case Pro controllers. The Roland interface is no longer available and is being replaced with the Music Quest MQX-32. Each interface requires its own driver, so both drivers will be included in future software updates.

Loading the incorrect driver will result in the error message: "Interface not installed." If this happens, simply load the other driver. Both drivers may be loaded in old and new controllers. The driver for the old interface (Roland) is called "SMPTEROL;" the driver for the new interface is called "SMPTEMQX."

The Roland driver has also been updated to remove a bug that occasionally caused the screen to go blank after loading the driver.

Both drivers are available in one zip file from the Martin web site.

The files contained in SMPTE.ZIP must be unpacked to a floppy disk and then installed by running install.bat.