MAC Quantum Profile – Residue on the front lens

Depending on the type of smoke or haze machine and also fluid used, residue from haze or smoke can in some instances build up on the rear of the front lens on the MAC Quantum Profile.

In rare cases this can have impact on the light output, visible as shadows or color changes.

To remove this residue the lens needs to be cleaned. Cleaning intervals depend very much on the actual time the fixture is being used in heavy smoke or haze environments and can therefore only be determined by visual inspection of the unit.

The lens components have fragile coatings and are exposed to very high temperatures handle them with care.

  • • Always use clean white cotton gloves when handling lens parts.
  • • Use an anti-static cleaning agent like Burnus “Anti-Static Plastic Cleaner and Polish”.
  • • Apply the cleaning agent on a microfiber or lint-free cloth, not to optical components directly.
  • • Clean all lenses now that the fixture is open, to clean the back of the focus lens the Multi module needs to be removed.

The lens cleaning.

1. Remove the top head cover, it will point up if the head is rotated so the MARTIN logo is correct on the back of the MAC Quantum Profile’s head.


2. Remove the plate by the front lens to get access to clean the rear of the front lens.

  • • Clean by wiping with a slow, gentle spiral motion from center to edge.
  • • Dry with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth or low-pressure compressed air.
  • • Remove stuck particles with an unscented tissue or cotton swab moistened with cleaning agent or distilled water.
  • • Do not rub the surface: lift particles off with a soft repeated press.
  • • The use of an antistatic cleaning agent will result in less residue attraction when the fixture is being used and will thus prolong the necessary cleaning intervals.