This lamp is now available from Martin. It may be used instead of the Osram HTI 150 or the GE CSS 150 lamp in the Roboscan 812 and Robocolor III. The Martin 150 has the longest lamp life, the Osram HTI is the brightest. Though all 3 lamps have the same output, total output from the Martin 150 W and the CSS 150 W lamps is approximately 25% less than the HTI because the HTI has a shorter filament.

 Martin 150 W
Metal Halide
Osram HTI 150GE CSS 150
Martin P/N970101079701010897010104
Average Life2000 hrs750 hrs1000 hrs
Color Temperature5000K6500K5000K
Luminous Flux10,000 lm10,000 lm10,000 lm
BaseGY 9.5GY 9.5GY 9.5