Martin has introduced a number of optional setups for the MAC 600. For your convenience, all ordering information is gathered here.

ItemPart number
18° (long) snap-lock hood with lens 91610005
25° (standard) snap-lock hood with lens55210052
25° (standard) snap-lock hood without lens91611002
Upgrade kit to adapt MAC 600s before S/N 980117-000 for use with snap-lock hood. Includes ventilation ring, cover for starter terminals, and other hardware.91614003
65° diffuser "lens" with snap-lock hood91610008
65° diffuser "lens" only (installs in standard hood)41600002
Diffuser filter upgrade kit91611001


The 18° lens hood is longer than the standard 25° lens hood. MAC 600s fitted with the 18° hood fit only in the MAC 500/600 flight case, which measures 894 mm (35.2") from bottom (including wheels) to top on the outside. If the flight case is a pre-MAC 500 model, which measures 860 mm (34"), the fixture with the long hood will be damaged during transport.

If upgrading a MAC 600 to the snap-lock hood, the flight case must be modified slightly to make room for the snap-locks by moving both wooden support slats out 1 cm (3/8"). Replacement rivets (P/N 363058) for this purpose are included with the upgrade kit.