A diffuser "lens" that replaces the Fresnel lens is now available as an accessory for the MAC 600. With this lens, the field angle (edge of beam = 10% of center intensity) is approximately 65°. The beam angle (edge of beam = 50% of center intensity) is approximately 45°.

With the diffuser lens installed, the beam shapers have little or no effect on the beam.

As the diffusion lens is thinner than the Fresnel lens it replaces, a 4 mm adapter plate must be installed over each lens bracket when installing the diffuser in existing MAC 600s. A complete front with the diffusion lens installed will soon be available.

The following parts are required:

  • 1 x Diffuser lens: P/N 41600002
  • 3 x adaptor plate: P/N 17200280
  • 6 x M4 x 10 mm screw: P/N 08070402

To install the diffuser:

  • Remove the Fresnel lens.
  • Install 2 of the 3 lens brackets with an adapter plate over each bracket, using the new screws (and Loctite), but do not tighten.
  • Insert the diffuser with the textured side facing away from the lamp.
  • Install the third bracket and tighten all screws.

In a few instances it may be necessary to remove and bend the lens bracket tabs slightly in towards the lens to ensure a snug, rattle-free fit.