Two major changes have been implemented in the RoboScan Pro 518. First, we have increased the standard beam angle from 12.5° to 16°. Second, we have changed to a more powerful fan so that the MSD-250/2 lamp may be used. The changes are implemented in the RoboScan Pro 518 from S/N 4005340000.

The MSD-250/2 (P/N 97010100) is rated at 6500K and 68 lumens/watt, whereas the MSD-200 is rated at 5600K and 66 lumens/watt. Both lamps have an average life of 2000 hours.

Due to the higher heat generated by the 250 watt lamp, it shall be used only in new Pro 518s labeled for use with MSD-250/2 or fixtures that have been upgraded with the new fan.

To change to the wide-angle lens, order and install the "Pro 518 16. dgr. lens upg. kit," P/N 91610002.

Note: 2 spacer plates have been added to the wide-angle lens kit. These spacers are inserted between the lens assembly and the chassis plate to optimize the optics and reduce light spill.