We originally specified a 6.3 A slow-blow main fuse for MAC 700 Profile and Wash fixtures operating at 208 - 240 V mains power. To avoid fuses blowing unnecessarily, we changed to a 10 A slow-blow main fuse in October 2007.  We updated the MAC 700 user manuals with the correct fuse details at the end of 2007 but we did not correct the online product specs, so they still specified a 6.3 AT fuse. The online specs have now been corrected.

There is no safety issue involved, but of course a 6.3 AT fuse may blow unnecessarily when installed in a MAC 700 fixture. If you have installed a 6.3 A fuse in a MAC 700 for operation at 208-240 V mains power, we recommend that you replace it with the correct 10 AT fuse at the product's next service. To sum up, here are the correct fuse details for the MAC 700 Profile and MAC 700 Wash:

  • A 10 AT main fuse (P/N 05020025) must be installed in MAC 700 fixtures when operating at 208 - 240 V mains power.
  • 15 AT main fuse (P/N 05020027) must be installed in MAC 700 fixtures when operating at 100 - 120 V mains power.