If a lamp error (LERR) occurs in the MAC 2000 Profile II, MAC 2000 Performance, or MAC 2000 Wash, the way the fixture responds to the error depends on how and when the failure occurs.

If the lamp fails to strike, a lamp error (LERR) occurs but the effects respond normally to DMX commands. A lamp-off command must be sent before attempting to strike the lamp again.

If a lamp circuit failure occurs after the lamp strikes successfully, for example if the lamp dies or explodes, the thermal switch opens, the door switch fails or opens, or even if the light sensor circuit fails, then a lamp error occurs, pan/tilt movement stops after 1 second to prevent possible glass shards from being thrown from the fixture, and the lamp relay opens. This second type of lamp error was introduced as follows:

  • MAC 2000 Profile II: from version 1.3.0 
  • MAC 2000 Performance: from version 2.1.0
  • MAC 2000 Wash: from version 1.5.0