We have found that there is a possibility that mirror drums on EFX500 and EFX600 fixtures may lose half a step during resets.

This loss of step can occur if the wireset that runs from the mirror drum housing to the mirror drum pulls unevenly on the mirror drum. If you experience this problem, disconnect the fixture from power and swivel the mirror drum through 180° from one stop post to the other. If you can feel an uneven tension between the full left and full right positions, the wireset is probably the cause.

To solve the problem, with the fixture disconnected from power, rotate the wireset back and forth and at the same time gently twist the wireset in either direction at the point where the wireset exits the mirror drum housing as shown in the photo below. By balancing the tension caused by a wrongly positioned or twisted wireset, you should be able to balance the torque exerted on the mirror drum and eliminate any tendency to lose step.

A redesign that eliminates the possibility of loss of step has been implemented:
- in EFX500 fixtures from S/N 13407001
- in EFX600 fixtures from S/N 13357001