The Case controller uses power from a CR 2032 battery to power the clock and store basic BIOS settings when the controller is turned off. When the battery dies, the BIOS settings are lost when the controller is turned off. As a result, the controller may not be able to detect the hard disk when booting up. If this happens, the battery needs to be replaced on the motherboard.

You can restore the BIOS settings and start the controller - with or without a new battery - as follows. The commands on your screen may differ slightly.

  1. Turn on the controller. Press DEL (delete) to enter the setup menu.
  2. From the main menu select LOAD SETUP DEFAULTS to restore all default settings.
  3. Go to IDE HDD AUTO DETECTION and press Y to accept the proposed setting for the pri­mary master. Press ESC three times to skip detection of primary slave, secondary master and secondary slave.
  4. Go to STANDARD CMOS SETUP and set the current date and the time. Change the ‘Halt On’ option to ´All, But Keyboard´ or ´No Errors´.
  5. Go to POWER MANAGEMENT SETUP and set the ‘Power Management’ option to ‘Dis­abled’.
  6. Select SAVE & EXIT SETUP. Answer the question ´Save to CMOS and Exit (Y/N)?´ with Y. The controller will reboot with the saved settings.