Depending on manufacture date, there are two basic lamp types for the Destroyer/Punisher. The lamp for older models includes the reflector and the lamp for newer models does not. Older products may be upgraded with an aluminum reflector for use with the 300 hour lamp; the kit may be ordered as P/N 91614001. See also the Technical Note from October 10, 1997.

For products without reflectors (Destroyers before 971118 and Punishers before 971125), use either of the following 24V/250W lamps:

  • 50 hour, 10,000 lm ELC: P/N 97000104.
  • 500 hour ELC: P/N 97000107

For later or upgraded products that have built-in reflectors, use either of the following 24V/250W lamps:

  • 300 hour, 8400 lm, EVC M33: P/N 97000103
  • 50 hour, 10,000 lm, EHJ: P/N 97000105