We have heard of a few incidents where lamps could not strike after installing the lamp in new Exterior 1200 Wash and Image Projector fixtures. After investigating the problem we found that it was caused by disconnected fan wires in the power module at the back of the fixture. The fan wires were tied together with the lamp wires running to the lamp socket, so when installing the lamp it was possible to pull the lamp wires too far and disconnect the fan wire plug from the PCB.

It is possible to replace the lamp without problem if you are careful not to pull too hard on lamp wires during lamp replacement in Exterior 1200 fixtures. If you do find that the lamp will not strike after replacement, opening the power module and reconnecting the fan wire plugs should solve the problem.

To avoid this occurring in future, we stopped tying fan wires and lamp wires together at the factory from the beginning of August 2008.