Specialized equipment is required for electrical safety testing after carrying out an upgrade or major overhaul on a Martin lighting product. Suitable test devices, such as Electrical Safety and Hi-Pot Testers from Instek (http://www.instek.com) for example, are available from electronic equipment distributors for around 600-700 US Dollars (2008 prices).

At the Martin factory we use an Instek GPI 745A Withstand Voltage/Insulation/Ground Bond Electrical Safety Tester on all fixtures. This equipment is not cheap but it can be used for both the high-pot (high-potential dielectric withstand) and ground bond (earth bond) tests required after major work on a fixture and it has performed without problem for us. A data sheet for this product can be downloaded from http://www.goodwill.com.tw here

Apart from using GW Instek's products ourselves, we have no relations with the company. To find the GPI 745A in your region we suggest you search on the Internet or contact your local equipment supplier.