Standard gobo configuration as seen from lamp

Gobo wheel 1Gobo wheel 2Color / gobo wheel
1Jet Fan1Limbo Donut1Red
2Pipe Dreams2Triangle Cones2Green
3Double Worms3Congo Star3Blue
4Inverted King Star4Space Sun4UV
5Limbo5Waves5Triple Cone

All gobo slots including the seven color/gobo wheel position accept round theatrical size-E glass gobos. Aluminum gobos are suitable for short-term use only.

For best results, custom gobos should meet the following criteria:

  • Outside diameter: 37.5 mm (1 15/32 in.)
  • Maximum image diameter: 30 mm (1 3/16 in.)
  • Material: high-temperature Borofloat or better glass
  • Coating: dichroic or enhanced aluminum

The color/gobo wheel accepts 1.1 mm thick gobos and color filters. Thinner gobos must be secured with a drop or two of glue. Use a high-temperature silicone adhesive such as Dow CorningĀ“s 732 Mult-Purpose Sealant.

The rotating-gobo wheel positions hold gobos up to 3 mm thick with the gobo retention spring. Gobos thicker than 3 mm must be glued in the holder.

Important! The gobo can fall out if the spring is inserted backwards.

Coated gobos are inserted with the coating against the rim of the holder (away from the spring). Textured gobos are inserted with the smooth side against the spring. This orientation provides the best results when combining rotating gobos.