An improved dome, the "Tornado Sr.+" Lighting Enclosure (model 2200) is available for the MAC 2000 series from Tempest Lighting (

The Tornado Sr.+ is suitable for use in outdoor applications if all of the following conditions are fully met.

  • The ambient temperature outside the enclosure shall not exceed 30° C (86° F). 
  • The MAC 2000´s automatic fan control option shall be disabled for maximum cooling. 
  • The MAC 2000´s fans, vents, and air filters shall be regularly cleaned to prevent air flow blockage. 
  • The enclosure manufacturer´s installation and maintenance instructions shall be carefully followed in order to ensure maximum airflow. 
  • During daytime hours the fixture shall be pointed away from the sun to avoid "sun blazing" of the optics.

Please direct your inquiries about this product directly to Tempest Lighting.