Version 7.2 of the Case Controller software includes two show programming examples. The first show, “GetStart”, is an example in the Quick Start guide, available from the Martin web site. The second show, “Manual72”, is used as an example in the full user manual.

As a new feature, we have created matching ShowDesigner scenes for the shows and included them with the Case update files. By feeding the controller’s DMX output to the Offline Module of a ShowDesigner, the user can follow the Case example on screen.

The ShowDesigner files are included with the Case software as of July 12. Place floppy disk 2 of the Case update software in the ShowDesigner computer and copy “GetStart.scn” and “Manual72.scn” to the MSD scenes directory, which is typically Program Files/MSD4/Scenes.

To get started, connect the Case DMX output to the ShowDesigner DMX input, start the Offline Module, and load one of the scenes. Load the corresponding show (Manual72 or GetStart) on the Case. The Offline Module will then provide a real-time visualization of the Case output.