2002-06-12: With the new IR Remote Receiver, 10 Maestro II´s may now be linked and programmed in IR Remote Control Mode. Please see note number 2320

2002-04-02: The Maestro II has begun to ship with the user manual for the Maestro I. The features are nearly identical but there are some small differences to be aware of.

  • IR Remote Control Mode currently supports only 1 fixture. Multiple Maestro IIs can not yet be linked and programmed with the IR remote control. Fixtures can, however, be programmed individually with the IR remote, with the link unplugged from the DMX output, and then linked in DMX Stand-Alone Mode. 
  • Remote control via MP-2 is not yet implemented. Software updates can be be installed with the MP-2 but there is no remote access to the menu settings. 
  • The Maestro II is not compatible with the MPBB1. 
  • There is no DMX readout function. 
  • There are no random image commands on DMX channel 2.