The AVR Programmer, P/N 50502002, may be ordered now for delivery beginning around September 27. This new upload device is required to update software in the Martin Acrobat, CX-2, MX-1, SynchroZap, and future products.

In addition to the AVR programmer, you will need a Windows 95/98 PC, preferably with Internet access, and a standard 25-pin to 9-pin serial adaptor cable. Included with the uploader is a CD-ROM with Windows 95/98 software for easy downloading of update files to your computer from the Martin FTP site (FTP://FTP.MARTIN.DK/MARTIN/AVR/). The same software is used to upload files from your computer to the AVR Programmer.

Once the update file is installed in the programmer, it can be disconnected from the computer and taken to the fixture, where it connects directly to the PCB. The update file installs itself when power is applied to the fixture.