A new "Super Wide Angle" lens is available for the MAC 600 and MAC 600 NT.

This lens gives a wide beam spread of approximately 85 degrees and a smooth field both in white and with any of the colors. Even light pastel shades have a flat field with no hotspots.

On regular MAC 600s (not NTs), however, you need to install the optional diffuser kit to achieve a flat field and even color mixing. (For details, see http://www.martin.com/service/showpage.asp?id=296)

This lens is particularly useful at close range to cover a large area such as cycloramas in theatres or TV studios, or to cover backcloths on stages.

As with other MAC 600 lens options, the Super Wide Angle lens comes mounted on its own lens tube.

The part number is 91610073, "MAC 600 (NT) Super Wide Front Lens Kit".