We have begun to install the same main PCB in both EU and US versions of the Atomic 3000 DMX. The only difference is that the jumper at PL 113 on the main PCB is set to: 
   -  OFF (PL113's terminals not bridged) in EU models that run on 200-240 VAC and use a MAX-15 lamp, and 
   -  ON (PL113's terminals bridged) in US models that run on 100-120 VAC and use a MAX-7 lamp. 

See photos below:

This means that all fixtures now use P/N 62000067 ‘PCB Atomic 100-250V’ with the jumper at PL 113 set to the correct setting for the local power voltage, and that P/N 62000072 ‘PCB Atomic 90-120v, Asmb, TESTED’ is discontinued. 

A problem may arise when P/N 62000067 ‘PCB Atomic 100-250V’ is ordered as a spare part. In this case, the jumper at PL 113 may be incorrectly set for the local power voltage. IN ALL CASES, when you install a main PCB in an Atomic 3000 fixture, check that the jumper at PL 113 is set correctly according to the two photos and settings listed above before closing the fixture and applying power.