P3 is a unique protocol with accompanying ergonomic control software that was developed for lighting designers working in all types of applications. P3 is extremely simple to use software that empowers hybrid video/DMX control for incredible looks that can't be found anywhere else. No other system on the market allows fixtures to be controlled with video-content and DMX-controls at the same time, allowing every look to be created in the easiest way possible and giving lighting designers the ability to create visuals that are limited only by their imagination.

P3 allows video content to be controlled and mapped to Martin creative LED video products, including VDO Face, VDO Sceptron, VDO Dotron, VDO Fatron, VC-Grid, VC-Strip, VC-Dot, Exterior PixLine, Exterior Dot-HP, and some exciting other Martin products, yet to be announced. The heart of the P3 eco-system is a system controller such as the Martin P3-050, P3-150, P3-300, or P3-PC. The P3 ecosystem ensures flicker-free operation and uniformity, rock-solid, high-quality performance, and simple, quick mapping and automation for flawless execution of any lighting design.

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P3 brings creative LED, video panels, and lighting fixtures together onto one visual workspace; allowing all to be treated as one canvas to “paint” upon and prevent the need for dedicated control solutions for each of the different products. No matter how you mix and match the different fixtures on your stage or building, it all works together.

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The P3 eco-system removes the need for manual addressing and external computers for setup, while featuring a very ergonomic user interface. All mapping and scaling is automated to give you more time to focus on creation of interesting looks and removes the need to spend much time on technical tasks.

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The P3 system offers the ability to create looks using video content or traditional DMX controls, giving you the freedom to use the most suited tool for each vision. It is even possible to mix both control methods to achieve unique looks, including overlay of built-in effects over video.

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All P3-enabled products feature advanced color and brightness calibration, combined with color-matching between different fixture types, resulting in a coherent look. The entire P3 system is fully synchronized, ensuring that all elements work cohesively without visible latency.