P3 System Controller


The Martin P3 System Controllers offer an easy to use solution to map video onto Martin Creative LED and Lighting fixtures, including manipulation of the video such as scaling, rotating, mirroring and more. On top of sending video to these fixtures, the P3 System Controllers also merge in controls from any lighting console, allowing you to mix ‘n match video and lighting control of the fixtures, for the best of both worlds and more creative freedom.

The Martin P3 System Controllers stand out with their ease of use and creative features. All connected fixtures are addressed, patched and configured in few clicks, with no need to walk up to any fixture for old-school manual setup. The communication between the fixtures and P3 System Controller is fully bi-direction, so real-time feedback and error-reporting enables you to have a full overview of the entire setup, even in fixed installations where the P3 System Controller can be monitored via the Internet.

P3 brings creative LED, video panels & fixtures together into one visual canvas; allowing all to be treated as one and to prevent the need for dedicated control solutions for each of the different products.

The P3 ecosystem removes the need for manual addressing and external computers for setup, while featuring an ergonomic user interface. Mapping and scaling is automated to give you more time to be creative.

P3 offers the freedom to use the most suited tool for each vision. Whether using video content, traditional DMX controls, or a mix of control methods, you can achieve uniquely creative looks for each application.

All P3-enabled products feature advanced color & brightness calibration & color-matching between fixture types. The entire system is fully synchronized, ensuring all elements work cohesively without visible latency.

  P3-050 System Controller P3-150 System Controller P3-300 System Controller P3-PC System Controller
Video Input 1x DVI-D up to 1920x1080 1x DVI-D up to 1920x1080 1x DVI-D up to 1920x1080
2x SDI up to 3G-SDI
1x Genlock
Screen-capture or Media Server Integration
DMX Input 1 universe DMX
32 universes Art-Net
1 universe DMX
32 universes Art-Net
1 universe DMX
32 universes Art-Net
4 universes Art-Net
P3 Output 1 network with up to 100.000 pixels worth of fixtures 1 network with up to 500.000 pixels worth of fixtures 4 networks with up to 2.000.000 pixels worth of fixtures 1 network with up to 20.736 pixels worth of fixtures
Form-Factor 1U 19” rackmount 1U 19” rackmount 2U 19” rackmount Software installed on customer-supplied Windows computer
Remote Management Yes, internal webpages and syslog Yes, internal webpages and syslog Yes, internal webpages and syslog No

Please consult P3 System Controller Capacity Info Note for more details

Get Started with Martin P3-PC System Controller Software for Free

The time has never been better to discover and try the unique features of P3 software to control P3-controllable fixtures like MAC Allure Profile, MAC Allure Wash PC, VDO Atomic Dot, VDO Sceptron, VDO Fatron, VDO Dotron, Exterior PixLine and more. You can start with the free P3-PC System Controller software and then grow into the bigger P3 System Controllers (P3-050, P3-150 and P3-300).






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