AIR ERR or AIR LOW on Display

If an air leak occurs or the air pump fails to operate it can generate this error message after 2 minutes. 
Stopping the output and starting it again will reset this error and allow checking of values during operation (until the error appears again after 2 minutes). 

If you check the PSI menu (during triggering of the machine) you should see a reduced PSI reading (standard operating reading is 30 PSI). 
The air pump will try to compensate for the lower pressure and provide more pressure in stages up to a maximum output (you will hear it get louder and louder). 

If you have approx. 9 to 13 PSI you should see an AIR LOW error but the machine will continue to output (and if the PSI rises again it will clear the error automatically). 
Lower than 9 PSI will result in an AIR ERR and the machine will turn to STBY mode after 2 minutes. 
9 to 13 PSI indicates an air leak (possibly a pipe not connected at the heater). 
Lower than 9 PSI (but not 0 PSI) possibly indicates one of the air pump ends of the air lines are disconnected or split. 
0 PSI indicates either the air pump is not operating at all (possible power issue), both air pump end pipes are disconnected or the pressure sensor (PCB) end of the air pipe is not connected. 

Please return your unit to the place of purchase for replacement/repair.