MAC Viper air filter options

There are currently 2 different filter options for the MAC Viper series.

• The fine mesh/screen filter which is a disposable filter and which can’t be cleaned.
• The coarse mesh/screen filter which can be cleaned with compressed air or water.

The fine filter:
This type of filter is installed in the MAC Viper series as standard from the factory. The filter will keep the MAC Viper unit very clean and thereby reduce the need for cleaning the optics in order to maintain optimal light output. The filter is developed as a response to the increasing use of pyrotechnic effects at shows and concerts etc.

Using the fine filter requires a shorter replacement interval compared to the coarse filter as it catches more dirt and particles from the passing air. The correct replacement interval depends on how much dirt there is present at the specific location. The best method to determine the correct interval is by regularly inspecting the filter for a period of time.

Standard air filter part number: 20800270


The coarse filter:
Is a two part option. It consists of the filter and a filter retainer that will keep the filter in place.

The coarse filter option will extend the time between filter replacement, as the coarse filter will let smaller particles pass through.
With the coarse filter the MAC Viper will require more regular and thorough cleaning to keep the desired optical output.

Coarse air filter part number: 20800280


Filter retainer Part number: 23821750