To create Linear TimeCode (LTC) tracks compatible with our controllers, please consider the following criteria:


The SMPTE signal must have a minimum level Vpp (Volts peak to peak): 
- Maxxyz: 0,52Vpp 
- Maxxyz Compact: 0.116Vpp 

Both can have levels up to 2.12Vpp, so everything between 0.52Vpp and 2.12Vpp will be accepted on both controllers. 

When mastering LTC tracks, use the following guidelines:

- Maxxyz -10db
- Maxxyz Compact -18db

Problems with SMPTE can be: 
- hum/noice on the line 
- overtalk when the signal was recorded 


The values needs to be addressed in db-values to make sense when connecting the signal. 
On the Maxxyz Classic, the value needed to be around -10db as specified for LTC. 
With the improved circuit on the Maxxyz Compact the sensitivity is better and more forgiving. If I remember right it goes from -18 to 0 db values now with the AGC circuit.