From festival stages and corporate events to nightclubs and houses of worship, Martin MAC and ERA fixtures are used for high-profile events all over the world.

To ensure lighting designers have the tools they need to create the desired look in any scenario, each fixture in the MAC range is designed for a highly specified use case, while fixtures in the ERA range utilize versatile features for a more flexible, cost-effective solution.

Explore the differences between these two renowned product lines to find the right fixture to fit your needs.




Lighting designers around the world have relied on the award-winning performance of Martin Professional MAC moving heads since the first MAC debuted in 1996. Since then, the MAC range has produced a number of iconic families and fixtures.

Known for their flawless performance and versatile feature sets, the MAC range is the culmination of decades of experience and innovation from the Martin technology and engineering team in Denmark. From the pioneering MAC 500 and MAC 600 fixtures, through the legendary MAC 250, MAC 2000, MAC TW1, MAC 700 and MAC 101 models, to the iconic MAC Aura, MAC Viper, MAC Quantum, MAC Encore and MAC Allure products, MAC range fixtures have been the leading choice for professional lighting designers for over 20 years.


At Martin, we’ve always been driven by bringing new ideas to life and making the best better. We love innovating and finding new ways to bring value to our customers. The renowned MAC range is strong evidence of that. MAC was the first moving head to feature an automated framing system, an animotion wheel, Aura backlight effects, P3 video mapping, true color calibration, extended color modes and animotion effects. Time after time, MAC has delivered class-leading output and benchmark performance.


MAC range fixtures are designed to address the highest demands of lightning designers and to deliver outstanding performance in critical applications. With class-leading brightness, superior color palettes and impressive optics, each fixture offers an array of highly requested features that make them a perfect fit for a wide range of applications. MAC moving heads don’t just look good on the spec sheet, they also provide lighting designers with the powerful tools they need to create cutting-edge visual experiences. With world-class performance, accuracy and reliability, MAC range fixtures are the leading choice for the most prestigious events around the world.


With market-leading performance, durable construction, rock-solid reliability and exceptional support for servicing, the MAC range offers an extensive technical and commercial life, providing an impressive return on investment. As product lifecycles continue to grow shorter and shorter, MAC products have proven to live longer than competing fixtures, time and time again.


Renowned for their unparalleled performance, consistent coverage, compact size and optimized feature sets, MAC moving heads are carried by thousands of event lighting suppliers worldwide, making it extremely easy to source MAC lighting for events or access local support.




Martin Professional’s ERA range of moving heads offers a powerful and cost-effective solution for entertainment and rental applications. The ERA range combines professional performance with robust feature sets, and each model is carefully engineered to deliver optimum value. ERA moving heads incorporate versatile features and patented Martin technology to deliver world-class solutions and a streamlined user experience.


Whilst founded in 1987, Martin Professional has been developing moving heads since 1995. The ERA range draws from our enduring legacy of creating class-leading moving heads that deliver highly consistent and trusted performance. Martin’s renowned test and validation processes are second-to-none, and ERA moving heads are no exception. Every ERA product is built and tested for longevity to sustain years of heavy operation, whether it’s being permanently installed in a venue or touring around the world.


Often required to serve a variety of different shows and applications, today’s rental and production houses demand versatile fixtures that increase utilization and ensure products remain in use. These needs are the driving force behind the ERA Range, and we carefully balance consolidated feature sets with class-leading performance levels to optimize versatility and provide all-in-one solutions.


The feature-rich ERA range is available in a variety of different product sizes and output levels, providing solutions for every budget and event, from the smallest stages to the largest live productions and outdoor events.