Atomic Colors

External color scroller for all Atomic strobes

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The Atomic Colors is a specially designed color scroller accessory which fits onto the front of the original Atomic 3000 DMX and also the new Atomic 3000 LED - allowing up to ten brightly colored strobe and blinder effects. In combination with the Aura backlight and main output of the Atomic 3000 LED it also delivers stunning three-dimensional eye candy looks.


  • Physical Length: 470 mm (18.5 in.) Width: 273 mm (10.7 in.) Height: 102 mm (4.0 in.) Weight: 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs.) Color gel thickness: 0.075 mm (0.003 in.) - 0.125 mm (0.005 in.) Dynamic Effects Color gel scrolling: 10 standard colors supplied, custom color gel strings can be fabricated by customer Control and Programming Control options: DMX Cooling fan speed control: Onboard control panel, DMX Gel scrolling speed, 'gel saver' mode, light-activated fan operation: Onboard control panel Setting and addressing: Three-button LED control panel DMX channels: 1 or 2 DMX compliance: USITT DMX512/1990 Construction Housing: Steel Color: Black Finish: Electrostatic powder-coated Protection rating: IP20 Installation Mounting points: Fastens to Atomic fixture Location: Indoor use only, mounted on Atomic fixture Orientation: Any
  • Connections Combined power and DMX data from Atomic fixture: 4-pin XLR Electrical DC Power: 24 V (+/- 10%) DC current: 0.55 A (max.) Power source when used with xenon tube-based Atomic 3000 DMX: MPU-02 or MPU-08 external PSU Thermal Cooling: Forced air (4-speed fans) Maximum ambient temperature (Ta max.): 40° C (104° F) Minimum ambient temperature (Ta min.): 10° C (50° F) Included Items 10-color gel string (installed): P/N 91611090 5 m power/data cable, 4-pin XLR: P/N 11821014 User manual Accessories MPU-02 Power Supply Unit*: P/N 91611084 MPU-08 Power Supply Unit*: P/N 91611085 *For use with original Atomic 3000 DMX only. Do not use a PSU when installing on Atomic 3000 LED Ordering Information Atomic Colors for Atomic 3000 DMX and Atomic 3000 LED: P/N 91611086


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