Ethercon Converter Ð female female (discontinued)

Neutrik NE8FF

This special Ethernet cable / RJ 45 converter makes it possible to prolong Ethernet cable lengths, maximizing the possibilities for the Maxxyz and Ether2DMX box.

Key unique selling points:
A small, easy-handling female/female converter with quality latching locks.

Product features:
Feed-through converter
Electrical bandwidth: 1-100 MHz
Number of contacts: 8
Rated current: 1.5 A
Dielectric strength: 1000 VAC RMS
Contact resistance: < 10 mO
Insulation resistance: > 500 mO
Category: 5e

Retention method: Latch lock
Panel thickness: Max. 3 mm (0.12”)
Temperature range : -30 to + 80 Degrees C
Compatible for use with 10 base-T and 100 base TX systems.

Dimensions: 75 mm x 33 mm x 26 mm
Weight: 50 grams



HARMAN Professional Solutions:

Ethercon Converter Ð female female (discontinued)