Wife Updater (discontinued)

The Wife Updater consists of a special cable which needs to be purchased and a special piece of software which is available here. The software needs to be installed onto a PC running Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / ME / XP and additional downloads to this software can be made following the navigation instructions within the software. The software is then used for a number of functions, as detailed below, which can then be uploaded directly to your Wife via the special cable.


  • 200 pre-programmed personalities
  • Customize bar graph fonts
  • Customize menus
  • Customize power up screen
  • Edit all 12 Memories
  • Edit up to 100 lamp personalities
  • Generate custom test patterns
  • Live DMX512 control for editing personalities
  • Setup parameters such as Start Code, Power Save


  Version Language Size Uploaded
file type icon The Wife UPdater user manual
en version A, updated: Oct 2020
en  236 KB Oct 2020
file type icon The Wife - User manual
en version B, updated: May 2018
en  432 KB May 2018
file type icon The Wife UPdater software for Windows
en version 1, updated: Oct 2020
en  1.59 MB Oct 2020

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Wife Updater (discontinued)