ZR 22 STD (discontinued)

This streamline version of the ZR22 DMX offers many of the same features yet was designed for those who do not require a DMX interface.


  • 1500w heater
  • 8 minute heat up time
  • 9.5 liter fluid container
  • Analogue link socket
  • Approx. 850m3 smoke output
  • Continuous smoke output
  • Direct Thermal Protection Device
  • Onboard Multifunctional Remote Control
  • Output level control
  • Soft start electronics


  Version Language Size Uploaded
file type icon ZR 22 STD - User manual
en version E, updated: Oct 2020
en  130 KB Oct 2020
file type icon ec compliance ZR22
en version A, updated: Oct 2020
en  26.4 KB Oct 2020
file type icon Martin Heat Exchange Part Numbers
en version B, updated: Oct 2020
en  116 KB Oct 2020
Service Procedures
Temperature calibration methods
en version A, updated: May 2018
A   en    May 2018
Service Notes
Thermocouple colour changes
en version A, updated: May 2018
A   en    May 2018

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ZR 22 STD (discontinued)