A DMX interface card with two 512 channel outputs has been implemented in Case Pro II controllers and is available in an upgrade kit, P/N 91616003, "Upgrade kit, Additional Link Card, CASE Ctrl." The 1024 ch. card may be used as the 2nd or 3rd interface, but not the 1st. The first interface, also known as the master interface, must be the 512 channel version. The 1024 ch. interface does not support the Martin protocol.

Despite the physical possibility of installing 4 cards with a total of 7 outputs, the Pro II controllerĀ“s maximum number of DMX channels is unchanged and is still 2048. If one 512 ch. card (the master) and two 2 x 512 channel cards are installed, as in some Pro IIĀ“s, the "fifth link" is not useable.

The new card allows you to achieve full channel output with only three interface cards and thus leaves room to install a faster CPU with a larger fan. The 2 x 512 ch. interface also allows you to install 4 links in the Pro I controller, which increases its maximum number of DMX channels to 2048.

The installation note for the upgrade kit is being updated. The card jumper settings are still valid: the second interface is set with a jumper on J5 and the third interface is set with a jumper on J6. Be sure to use the new I/O PCB included with the upgrade kit.