PFC Capacitor Replacement Recommendation

Capacitors for Passive Power Factor Correction (CPFCs, also known as PFC capacitors or phase correction capacitors) are subject to aging, even under normal use. In the event of abnormal use, such as use on mains power with high transients coming from generators or marine installations for example, the aging of the CPFC is accelerated. The use of metal halide lamps beyond their recommended lifetime may also increase the current in the lamp circuit, which in turn may affect the lifetime of the CPFC .

In rare cases, the aging of the CPFC may result in a meltdown caused by the self-healing process that normally helps the capacitor survive voltage surges and transients. In extremely rare cases, the meltdown may cause the capacitor to explode due to pressure buildup.

To ensure correct operation of the CPFC and prevent a possible meltdown, Martin Professional A/S has implemented in all new manufactured products where applicable a new type of capacitor that has an automatic pressure cutoff. This mechanism disconnects the capacitor immediately if pressure exceeds safe limits. This type of capacitor, known as a "Type B" CPFC, is also in a higher reliability class. All Type B CPFCs have an aluminum housing with "Type B" marked on the housing.

Martin Professional A/S' recommendations for all products containing a non-Type B CPFCs are as follows:

  • If the product containing the CPFC is used in normal mains supply conditions: after
    4 years of normal use, replace the CPFC when replacing the lamp in the product or
    within 6 months, whichever comes first.
  • If the product containing the CPFC is subject to abnormal use such as use on mains
    power with high transients from generators or in marine applications for example
    : after
    27 months of use, replace the CPFC when replacing the lamp in the product or within 3
    months, whichever comes first.
  • In all cases: replace with a new Type B CPFC if available. If a new Type B CPFC is
    not available, replace with a new non-Type B CPFC. 

For products fitted with a Type B CPFC, Martin Professional A/S recommends inspection, and if necessary replacement, of this capacitor each year following the 4th year of normal operation.

The Martin Professional A/S Service Department can now supply Type B CPFCs and is making installation instructions available on the Support webpages for the products concerned.

Martin Professional A/S, its subsidiaries and affiliates, to the fullest extent possible under applicable law, disclaim product liability caused by non-compliance with this CPFC Capacitor Replacement Recommendation.