DMX cables are no longer automatically supplied with MAC series and Stage Cyclo products. Most customers did not use the supplied  cables because they had their own preferences regarding cable sleeves, colors, lengths, connectors, etc. The 5 m DMX cable that was supplied in the past can still be ordered as P/N 11820008 (XLR cable 5m black 3P male-3P female).

Martin has developed a new range of high-quality cables with excellent electrical and physical specifications. The new universal Martin cables are available in three types for RS-485 (DMX), Ethernet and color scroller applications, and various lengths are available. We have optimized the wiring design and incorporated a hard-wearing environmentally safe jacket, making the cables suitable for both touring and installation. The flame-retardant, low-smoke, zero halogen cables are heavy duty, have excellent deformation recovery, and are approved to IEC 60332.1, UL-CL, UL-444 and VW-1. They have been tested and approved by both rental and installation customers.

Full details of the new cables are available in the Products area (click on the Martin logo in the top left of your screen to return to the front page, then click on Products) or from your Martin dealer.