Fan speed in the RoboColor Pro 400 is automatically controlled as of version 6.5 of the software. Though fan control is listed in DMX protocol version 3, DMX fan control is not available in version 6.5. This was implemented to prevent problems with overheating due to accidental or prolonged setting at low speed.

We will consider re-implementing DMX fan control if there is wide demand for it. We can make version 6.3 CPU software available if there are some customers who prefer DMX fan control to automatic control.

Version 6.5, which was implemented in August 1996, differs from version 6.3 as follows:

  • Fan speed is reduced to 50% after protocol auto detect.
  • Fan is stopped completely 1 minute after auto detect, if the lamp is off.
  • When the lamp is ON, the fan runs at full speed.
  • When the lamp is switched off, fan speed is reduced to 50% and after 1 minute the fan stops.
  • Changed routine related to factory circuit board testing.