The front glass in the Exterior 200 is prone to breaking, particularly while installing the cover on the lamp section. (The front cover must be removed to install optional lenses.) The problem is apparently due to the fact that the UV glue, which fastens the glass to the cover, and the silicone gasket do not distribute the stress evenly between the metal and the glass. We are investigating several ways to correct the problem.

To avoid breaking the glass when replacing the cover on existing products: 

  1. Drive all screws to the bottom without tightening (finger tight).
  2. Starting with one screw and working around in a circle, tighten all screws partially, with low torque.
  3. Tighten to a maximum torque of 1.8 Nm. (1.3 Ft-Lbs), still working around in a circle.

Note: Do not use the procedure found in revisions A and B of the Exterior 200 user manual.

For warranty repairs, replace assembly P/N: 62334022, "Frontgable glued, Ext. 300".