(Pro 1220 IIR)
(Pro 1220 CMYR)
Color815310815340NoThe CMYR color module uses optical indexing instead of mechanical. In addition, colors have been changed.
Gobo/Iris815313815343NoThe CMYR gobo module implements micro stepping on non-rotating gobos.
Prism/dimmer815314815344NoThe CMYR module adds full color mixing.
Focus815327815342NoThe CMYR model uses a wide-angle focus module, as satisfactory color mixing cannot be obtained using the narrow angle lens. Please note that the NEW wide angle module (815342) is slightly different from the optional Pro 1220 IIR wide angle available as upgrade kit 850028). In the CMYR the focus module is move slightly backwards in the fixture, thus obtaining a proper clearance between the two rails on the module and the CMY flags. This modification is done by moving the base-plate of the focus module, in the opposite direction, i.e. further forward on the module. The location of the holes in the Pro 1220 chassis plate remains unchanged. In order to maintain the same focusing ability, the two focus lenses are moved an equally length forward on the module.
Rear fans 815317815317Yes 
Lamp socket assembly817100817100Yes 
Lamp reflector815320815320Yes 
Condenser lens asph.815322815322Yes 
Condenser lens plano815324815324Yes 
I/O assemble815319815339NoThe CMYR has a receiver module included on the I/O assembly plate (front plate) instead of DIP-switch access.
A/B section PCB817101815338NoThe CMYR uses completely new version of A and B section PCBs.