The fiber port and fiber adaptor are exposed to the risk of corrosion if FiberSource CMY150 and B150 fixtures are used in damp environments. Corrosion can make it difficult to remove the fiber adaptor from the receptacle on the unit.

We have improved corrosion resistance in production models by anodizing the adaptor parts and changing the screws to stainless types.

The change is implemented on products from the following serial numbers:
- 90523000 FiberSource CMY150; 230V, 50Hz S/N 432773-0001
- 90523100 FiberSource CMY150; 120V, 60Hz S/N 432774-0001
- 90523400 FiberSource B150; 230V, 50Hz S/N 718739-0999
- 90523300 FiberSource B150; 120V, 60Hz S/N 431537-0999