The lamp explosion detection feature and the way fixtures respond to lamp explosion has been improved in MAC 2000 Profile I fixtures from software version 2.1.

When the lamp is struck, pan/tilt are locked, the shutter is locked closed, and fixtures will not respond to DMX until the lamp sensor detects light from the lamp. This feature means that if the lamp is defective, fixtures are immobilized. Once the lamp has been struck and the lamp sensor has detected light, the shutter and pan/tilt are released, DMX input is enabled, and the lamp LED on the fixture's control panel blinks for 1 minute. During this minute, lamp explosion detection is disabled. When the LED lights constantly after 1 minute, lamp explosion detection is enabled.

If the lamp sensor detects that the lamp is powered normally but stops producing light, it assumes that a lamp explosion has occurred. The fixture will then display an LAEX error message, stop responding to DMX, lock pan/tilt and lock the shutter closed. The fixture will remain in this safe mode until it is powered off and on. Because of the risk of damage to the fixture and debris falling onto performers or audiences, any fixture that displays an LAEX message must be inspected before it is used again.